How it works

Fresh and Sustainable Fish Delivery

Your fish is carefully packed fresh by hand in a chilled environment to seal in the freshness, then placed with an icepack in a specially designed Chilltainer.

Your fresh fish stays in optimum condition ready for you to enjoy when you get home.

The packaging and ice packs are recyclable, and if you are in the Auckland delivery zone we’ll collect them from you when we next deliver.

Because your fish is fresh from the dock to your door, if you don’t manage to enjoy it all at once it will keep and still be delicious and nutritious for at least the next three days.

It’s a win all-round for our local fishermen, our environment, our local economy and you!

Save on Time and Stress

At only $7.50 for delivery anywhere in Auckland 3 days a week, you can take advantage of the freshness and choice of the fish markets without leaving home, saving time and stress. Delivery outside of Auckland starts at $10.

What’s in a Fish Box?

If you like what you know, and know what you like, go for the Kiwi Favourites, Salmon Pack, Whole Fish, or the Raw Deal. In these boxes, you can pick the exact fish type you’d like to get.

With our Catch of the Day box, you pick the range of species you prefer (Classic or Premium) and we will send you the best of the catch for that day, within the range you chose. You will receive a text at 8am letting you know which fish type you will be getting to help with menu planning. We have recipes, tips, and tricks in our inspiration page to help if you need it.