• 3 Ways To Get Your Children Into Seafood

    Are you struggling to get your little ones into eating fish? We’ve all been there and it’s important to find ways around it. Fish is packed with essential Omega-3s our children’s brains need to flourish. For anyone struggling to get the little ones into eating fish, we’ve come up with 3 ways to help nudge […]

  • Precision Seafood Harvesting: NZ Leads The Way On Sustainable Fishing

    New Zealand’s fishing industry is leading the world with our commitment to sustainability. With over a decade of research invested into this area, we are phasing out reckless trawling and other outdated fishing methods. Botton Trawling The Bottom trawling method has been largely accepted worldwide by commercial fishers since the early 1800s, but is destructive […]

  • 4 Reasons Why Freshcatch Fish Deliveries Are For You

    1: Eating fish weekly is important for your health. We all know about 5+ a day for fruit & veges, but did you know about 2+ a week for fish? With 1 in 20 Kiwi’s suffering from heart disease, the NZ Heart Foundation recommends we eat at least two servings of fish per week. Packed with […]

  • Fish Tacos

    A go-to for when you have people coming around, and great fun to prepare with the kids!

  • Seafood Chowder

    Great for using different species, textures and getting creative

  • How to Bake Fish the Right Way

    The simplest and least messy way to cook your Freshcatch fish

  • How to Smoke Fish From Scratch

    We all love our smoked fish. Al shows you his favourite way of smoking a beautiful Kahawai

  • Smoked Fishcakes

    Incredibly humble, and incredibly satisfying

  • How to Cook Clams

    They don’t need much work and make a fantastic meal

  • Miso Grilled Mullet

    A quick and very tasty way to prepare fish that the whole family will love!

  • AL’s Picks – Trevally

    This is one of my top picks. Serve a little bit raw followed by some cooked… it’s a game changer.

  • Al’s Recipes – Vinegar Shallots

    The simplest and most sublime sauce for shellfish.

  • Al’s Recipes – Tartare Sauce

    The classic fish accompaniment. Al’s version is simply awesome!

  • Al’s Recipes – Fish Wings & Collars

    The wonderful informality of this dish is a real crowd fave.

  • Al’s Recipes – Salsa Verde

    If you only make one sauce from Freshcatch this is IT!

  • Al’s Recipes – Ponzu Sauce

    Fancy a change from Soy and Wasabi? Here it is!

  • Al’s Recipes – Poke

    Hawaiin alternative to Ceviche with Asian inspired flavours – Poke is good times!

  • Four Surprising Benefits of Fish
    Al’s Recipes – Flounder

    Learn how to prepare one of the most underrated Kiwi fish with Al’s simple, tasty method.

  • Al’s Recipes – Escabeche

    Escabeche is a great dish to have on hand for nibbles, as it will keep in the fridge for a week…

  • Al’s Recipes – Fish & Chips

    Kiwi Classic – with two batter styles – choose your favourite.

  • Al’s Recipes – Beurre Blanc

    Al’s take on this classic and luxurious French sauce.

  • Al’s Recipes – Ceviche

    Al’s take on the hugely popular Ceviche phenomenon. We defy you not to love it!

  • Salmon Soba Noodle Bowl

    Adaptable, Healthy, and Tasty!

  • Monkfish Madras

    Simple Curry, Wonderful Flavours

  • Fish All’acqua Pazza

    Simple, Fast, and Delicious!

  • Baked Tarakihi with Persian-Style Stuffing

    Whole Fish = Delicious Meal

  • Salmon Larb

    Healthy, Quick, and Devine

  • Snapper Crudo with Hot Oil

    Super Delicious & Super-Fast to make

  • Citrus BBQ Box Delight

    This simple marinade really enhances the flavours of our BBQ Box selection.