• Goan fish curry
    Warming Winter Seafood Dishes from Around the World

    When planning cosy dishes for chilly winter nights, make sure you buy some seafood. Slow-cooked lamb shoulders and beef stews aren’t the only way to survive winter – fish can also do the trick! The team at Freshcatch know that fresh seafood can keep your meals interesting and your bellies warm this winter – but […]

  • seafood tips
    Get out of a Fish ‘N Chips Rut with These Seven Seafood Tips

    When it comes to enjoying seafood, the options are nearly endless, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut, finding ourselves battering and deep-frying fish week after week. Soon we aren’t buying seafood at all out of fish ‘n chips boredom. If you’ve found yourself in a fish rut lately, Freshcatch here to jolt […]

  • Shucks! Everything You Need To Know About Oysters

    Everything You Need To Know About Oysters!

  • 5 Reasons You Should Eat Seafood This Autumn

    Get the chunky knit sweaters and slow cookers out of storage – autumn is here. With cosy evenings and colourful leaves, autumn is a wonderful time of year, but people can make the mistake of believing that seafood is a summer food. We are here to assure you that enjoying fresh fish does not end […]

  • Why Fresh Fish and Kiwi Summers are a Perfect Pair

    When the weather heats up, Kiwis love catching, smoking and eating fish more than any other time of the year. Have a read of our many reasons why fresh fish and NZ summers truly are a match made in heaven – we bet it’ll convince you to join the fish delivery revolution so you can […]

  • buy fresh fish nz
    Five Ways to Enjoy Fish Sustainably in NZ

    From plastic to pollution, the sad reality is that our seas, lakes and waterways are in trouble. Here at Freshcatch, we take this issue very seriously as we want to be able to eat fresh fish for a long time to come. If you are a fish lover like us but worry about sustainability, fear not – there are plenty of ways to eat and buy fish sustainably in NZ.

  • 3-ways-to-get-your-children-eating-seafood
    3 Proven Ways To Get Your Children Into Seafood

    3 Proven Ways To Get Your Children Into Seafood   Are you wondering, how do I get my kids to eat more fish? We’ve all been there and it’s important to find ways around it. Fish is packed with essential Omega-3s our children’s brains need to flourish. For anyone struggling to get the little ones […]

  • 5 Of The Best Sauces For Your Fish Fillets

    Are you always looking for new ways to add a little love to your fish deliveries? Here’s a list of our favourite sauces for fish your fish fillets! These sauces are classic, unique and Kiwi influenced.

  • oysters delivered
    Let’s Talk Top Shelf Fish from Around the World

    The beauty of fresh fish is that it transcends social status, going from humble takeaways to exclusive, five-star dining.

  • 5 Delicious Fish Species You Might Not Have Tried Before

    In New Zealand we have the luxury of being surrounded by a beautiful ocean filled with many treasures. Unfortunately, many of these hidden gems often they never make it to the dinner table.

  • How Fresh Fish Will Help You Ease into Autumn
    How Fresh Fish Deliveries Will Help You Ease into Autumn

    It’s sad to say, but summer is officially over in New Zealand. Although March has started off brilliantly, it is the start of autumn which means shorter days, cooler nights and heartier meals are on the horizon.

  • Fish Meets BBQ This Summer
    Fish Meets BBQ This Summer

    This summer, elevate your BBQ game and show your family and friends that fish on the BBQ is unbelievably delicious.

  • freshcatch fresh fish delivery
    5 Reasons to Jump on the Fresh Fish Delivery Bandwagon

    Here are five reasons why you should start to buy seafood and fish with Freshcatch.

  • Freshcatch Fish Delivery
    How Our Fish Is Caught

    Most of our fish comes from day boats which use a mix of catch methods – some line caught, some net and on occasion potting. At times when available, we also source precision harvested fish. Whilst at this stage we can’t guarantee specific catch methods, as we grow this is something we will look to establish. Our […]

  • Why Kiwis Love Fishing
    Why Kiwis Love Fishing

    We delve deep into the everyday Kiwi’s favourite hobby, wanting to discover the source of joy behind recreational fishing.

  • Four Surprising Benefits of Fish
    Four Surprising Benefits of Fish

    Along with the well-known health benefits of eating fresh fish, there are some very surprising reasons to start incorporating fish in your diet regularly.

  • Try a Fish Feast this Christmas
    Try a Fish Feast this Christmas

    New Zealand is a southern hemisphere country surrounded by sea, yet we continue to celebrate Christmas like a northern landlocked nation.

  • New Zealand’s Favourite Fish
    New Zealand’s Favourite Fish

    Since fishing is one of most New Zealander’s preferred past-times, we did a little digging and decided to rank the popularity of fish among recreational Kiwi fisher folk. 

  • A Brief History of Raw Fish

    Many cultures around the world have been eating raw fish dishes for hundreds – even thousands – of years. Here’s a brief history of a few of these fascinating fares.

  • How Fresh Fish Will Help You Ease into Autumn
    Eating Fish is a Healthy Habit

    The science is in and eating fish regularly (we’re talking twice a week) keeps you healthy! Here are some of the greatest benefits you can enjoy by being a regular Freshcatch fish eater.

  • Get the Most out of your Fish with Nose-to-Tail Eating

    Freshcatch, your fresh fish delivery service, brings dock-to-door to the mix – and we have a new challenge for you: nose-to-tail eating!

  • Freshcatch’s Eco-Promise: A Sustainable Way to Enjoy Fish

    Sustainability: it’s a challenging and emotive topic but it’s one we aren’t going to shy away from. Caring for our planet has never been more important and Freshcatch is as committed to the environment as we are to delivering delicious fresh fish to your door.

  • 5 Things You Must Be Aware Of When Buying Fish Fresh

    If you doubt your ability to distinguish fresh fish from a fishy bargain, or you just don’t have the time to source the best yourself, fresh fish delivery like the fish boxes from Freshcatch are an ideal solution. It’s the perfect opportunity to get excited about New Zealand seafood.

  • freshcatch fresh fish delivery
    The Rise of the Food Box Industry in Auckland

    There’s an alternative option on the menu for many people in New Zealand – food box delivery of specific meal types tailored to your preferences, right to your door.