Get out of a Fish ‘N Chips Rut with These Seven Seafood Tips

seafood tips

When it comes to enjoying seafood, the options are nearly endless, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut, finding ourselves battering and deep-frying fish week after week. Soon we aren’t buying seafood at all out of fish ‘n chips boredom.

If you’ve found yourself in a fish rut lately, Freshcatch here to jolt you out of it! Buy one of our fresh fish delivery boxes and use the tips below to reignite the spark with your seafood.

1. Season Like a Chef

If you are finding your fish a tad bland when you cook it at home, you might need to start seasoning like a chef. Fresh fish is often mild with a tender texture, which makes it a wonderful carrier of flavours in the rest of the dish, but it also means you might need to get a bit heavy-handed with the salt shaker. Forget a fine sprinkling – sufficient salt, plenty of pepper and lots of lemon are essentials for enjoying seafood to the max.

2. Let Fat Content Guide Cooking Method

If uncertainty around how to cook fish is keeping it out of your diet, here’s a good rule of thumb: lean fish works best with wet cooking methods like poaching or steaming while fatty fish works well with dry cooking, like sautéing, baking, BBQing or grilling. Fish with medium fat content and shellfish can work either way.

3. Use Appropriate Oil

Using the right oil can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your fish and seafood dish. If deep or shallow frying fish, canola is great for its mild flavour and high smoke point. When sautéing seafood, olive or nut oils work best – they impart flavour and their moderate smoke point works for pan frying. Coconut oil works well for Asian-influenced seafood dishes. Or forgo the oil altogether and try other fat sources like butter or coconut milk.

4. Toss the Towel

You probably grew up removing freshly cooked fish from the frying pan and placing it straight on to paper towel to soak up the excess oil. This popular method unfortunately does nothing to protect the crispy coating you worked hard to achieve with your homemade batter. Instead of paper, lay your fish on a cooling rack like you would freshly baked cookies. You’ll end up with crispy seafood and you’ll save the planet unnecessary waste – win, win!

5. Use Lemon Before Cooking

Lemon and fresh fish are a match made in heaven for more reasons than you may be aware of. Lemon is a great fish accompaniment for flavour, but it also helps prevent your fish from sticking. Squeeze a bit of lemon onto seafood before exposing it to heat – the acid will help cook the seafood’s delicate flesh which prevents it from sticking to the frying pan, baking tray or BBQ rack. Remember this rule: when buying fish, always buy lemon too!

6. Get Creative with Seafood

You’ve just had a box of fresh fish delivered to your door – perhaps its terakihi fillets, a slab of salmon, fresh shellfish or a serving of prawns and s. Before you get the batter recipe out, take a moment to consider its potential and start to think outside the box.

Stuck for ideas? Try salmon burger patties, seafood chowder or grilled prawn tacos. Or place your finger on a globe at random and look up how that country prepares fish. Use your Freshcatch fish delivery in a new way and you’ll fall in love with fresh seafood all over again.

7. Serve a Seafood Platter

There’s a real buzz around platters these days – antipasto platters, cheese boards, grazing tables. The next big thing is seafood platters! Steal the show at your next party, BBQ or potluck with a seafood platter complete with smoked fish and garlic prawns, freshly shucked oysters and ceviche, all balanced out with fresh bread, choice sauces and lemon wedges.

Excited yet? Order a Freshcatch fish delivery box and start enjoying seafood again.

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