5 Reasons You Should Eat Seafood This Autumn

Get the chunky knit sweaters and slow cookers out of storage – autumn is here. With cosy evenings and colourful leaves, autumn is a wonderful time of year, but people can make the mistake of believing that seafood is a summer food. We are here to assure you that enjoying fresh fish does not end with summer! Here are five reasons why you should keep (or start!) eating seafood this autumn.

1: Boost Your Immune System

Autumn is a season of temperature extremes – the days are still hot, but the nights start to get awfully cold. All this up and down can make you more susceptible to the common cold. Give your immune system a boost and fight off those germs by buying fish. Fresh fish is loaded with healthy fats like omega 3s that strengthen your immune system by giving your white blood cells a boost.

2: Enhance Autumn Meals

Summer’s abundance of fresh fruit and veggies start to taper off in early autumn, which can leave your meals looking a little uninspired. Buy seafood and bring excitement back to the plate. From vibrant baked salmon to herby clam pasta, fresh fish tacos to seafood chowder, fish adds colour, texture, flavour and pizazz to meals.

3: Lower Prices

Some fish are in peak condition and highly available in March, which brings down their price. When ordering your fish delivery box, you might be pleasantly surprised to see a drop in the cost of favourites like kingfish, salmon and snapper. Take advantage of lower prices and buy fish in autumn.

4: It’s Oyster Season

The Bluff oyster season starts on the first of March each year – coinciding with the start of autumn. This much-loved delicacy is not available year-round, so autumn is the best time to get your hands on some of NZ’s favourite shellfish. Order Freshcatch’s Shellfish box and get some of the world’s best oysters delivered right to your door.

5: Support the Planet

There’s no time like the present to start taking care of our earth. Sustainably caught fresh fish is more environmentally-friendly than beef, pork, chicken and lamb. Even switching one red meat meal to fish a week can help. Support a company that is on the green side of production – it’s about preserving what we have for the generations to come!

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