Why Fresh Fish and Kiwi Summers are a Perfect Pair

When the weather heats up, Kiwis love catching, smoking and eating fish more than any other time of the year. Have a read of our many reasons why fresh fish and NZ summers truly are a match made in heaven – we bet it’ll convince you to join the fish delivery revolution so you can enjoy oodles of freshly caught seafood this summer.

Light and Fresh Meals 

Unlike the hearty, meaty dishes that we rely on in winter, summer demands light and fresh fare, and nothing is lighter or fresher than fish. Pair freshly cooked fish and seafood with a salad, make prawn tacos or top your favourite fillet with a tropical mango salsa. 

Less Time in a Hot Kitchen

A wonderful thing about buying fish for dinner is that it’s simple to prepare. With a delicate and rich texture, little more than lemon and heat are needed to get it right, giving you less time in a hot kitchen and more time to spend outdoors. Get your fish delivered with Freshcatch and you avoid the fuss of shopping too!

A Twist on the Good Ol’ BBQ 

Nothing says summer like a good Kiwi BBQ but sometimes all the meat can get a little tiresome. Shake things up a bit with beautifully barbequed fish and seafood. Toss some scallops or a whole fish in aluminium foil alongside fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon, chuck it on the BBQ and voila – a beautiful dinner to delight a crowd.

Raw and Refreshing

Raw fish is cool and refreshing, making summer the perfect time to enjoy it. If you haven’t ventured beyond sushi into the land of raw fish, Freshcatch’s fish delivery box The Raw Deal is an excellent introduction.

With skinned, boned and trimmed trevally, tuna or kingfish, it’s easier than ever to make your own sushi, ceviche or poke bowl and cool off in the heat. Oh, and raw fish pairs well with a cool beer on a summer’s day.

Fish ‘n Chips 

If a Kiwi summer passes and you didn’t buy fish ‘n chips, was it even really summer? Every town in the country has a fish ‘n chips shop and they’re never more popular than in summer. Or make your own healthier version – get fresh fish delivered and fry it alongside your own freshly baked chips.

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