Precision Seafood Harvesting: NZ Leads The Way On Sustainable Fishing

New Zealand’s fishing industry is leading the world with our commitment to sustainability. With over a decade of research invested into this area, we are phasing out reckless trawling and other outdated fishing methods.

Botton Trawling

The Bottom trawling method has been largely accepted worldwide by commercial fishers since the early 1800s, but is destructive to the ocean seabed and can unnecessarily harm by-catch (non- targeted species). This works by pulling a large net behind the boat which herds up any fish in its way. Fishers then measure the catch and put back juveniles or any other unwanted catch. However, this is both inefficient and potentially harmful to the fish.

Precision Seafood Harvest

Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) is a ground-breaking glimpse into the future of commercial fishing in New Zealand and worldwide. This technology allows fish to swim comfortably underwater inside large flexible PVC liners – where correct species and sizes can be carefully selected before bringing on-board the vessel. Escape portals built into the liner also allow the fish to move freely out of harm’s way. This is what gives us the capability to target specific species, protect smaller fish and minimise by-catch.

Another added benefit is that the PVC liners fill with water, keeping the fish in perfect condition as they are brought on deck. Meaning better quality eating on the receiving end!

Overall it’s a win for fishing companies, a win for fish- lovers, and an even bigger win for our environment.

The Freshcatch Promise 

You will find that PSH is all ready in effect around the country. In our commitment to sustainability – we have only partnered with those who employ this method.


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