The Best Sauces to Compliment Your Fish

Sauces for fresh fish

With the introduction of our Home Made Sauces add-on that you can now get included in your Freshcatch fish delivery, we thought we’d take a look at the best sauces – classic, unique and Kiwi – that compliment fresh fish.

Bercy Sauce

There are so many classic and elegant French sauces to choose from, but we’re focusing on beautiful Bercy Sauce. Originating in the Bercy district of Paris, this sauce has been a popular way to finish off fresh fish and seafood across France since the 19th century. It starts with a flour and butter roux, incorporating white wine and shallots to create a perfectly balanced sauce to pour over fish prepared in a variety of ways, be it poached, baked or fried.

Mohlo Cru

Situated on the Atlantic Ocean and almost entirely surrounded by sea, it’s no surprise that the Portuguese know seafood. Mohlo Cru might be an ancestor of the popular South American chimichurri; it is a paste-like sauce of garlic, spring onions, herbs and vinegar. If you buy seafood in Portugal, it might just come smothered in this deliciously tangy green sauce.

English Parsley Sauce

Let’s face it, English fare can sometimes be a little bland, but if you buy fish in England you’ll know that this is one area where they exceed. Parsley sauce is traditionally British, served on top of their usual fresh fish favourites like haddock or cod. It is made simply of butter and flour, English mustard and milk, then flavoured with chopped fresh parsley, salt and pepper.


Italians know flavour and that includes the Sicilian accompaniment to fresh seafood or roasted meats, salmoriglio. If in Southern Italy, buy seafood covered in this bold sauce, made of quality olive oil, fresh lemon juice, plenty of minced garlic and herbs.


Probably the first sauce that came to your mind was tartare sauce – a delicious mayo or aioli taken to the next level with gherkins, herbs and capers. We reckon tartare is the perfect answer to NZ fish and chips and we know you’ll fall in love with Jess’ Underground Kitchen’s scrumptious, homemade Harry’s Tartare Sauce.


Our Homemade Sauces

Get inspired and try your hand at one of these sauces the next time you have your fish delivered or get on the Freshcatch Home Made Sauce bandwagon and enjoy one of Jess’ Underground Kitchen’s beautiful pottles of Jazzy Green, Harry’s Tartare, Chipotle Aioli or Spicy Mexican sauce.

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