Let’s Talk Top Shelf Fish from Around the World

oysters delivered

The beauty of fresh fish is that it transcends social status, going from humble takeaways to exclusive, five-star dining. The Freshcatch team are fond of buying fish in many forms, and we’re certainly big fans of Kiwi fresh fish and chips, but today we’re taking a look at top shelf seafood.


Found in oceans around the world, the northwest Atlantic Ocean produces the most prestigious lobsters. If you want to buy seafood in NZ, you might opt for a spiny rock lobster, but our lobsters only really have edible meat in their tails, while their northern cousins are meaty from claw to tail. You’ll pay top dollar for a lobster meal in America, but you can also buy seafood in the form of lobster rolls or even lobster mac-and-cheese.


Put simply, Caviar is very fancy fish eggs. While caviar can come from many different fish species, the cream of the crop comes is beluga caviar, made of salt-cured roe from the beluga found in the Caspian and Black Seas. Costing up to $10,000 a kilo, it’s safe to assume the caviar topping your sushi probably wasn’t from a beluga!


If you want to buy shellfish from the top-shelf, you’ll likely want oysters – the fanciest fresh fish in a shell. There’s even a right way to eat oysters – slurping them right out of the shell! Oysters are home to pearls, packed full of nutrients and might be an aphrodisiac. You’ll find oysters at posh weddings, fancy restaurants and seafood festivals, but you could also get this shellfish delivered to your door with Freshcatch’s Shuck Club box.

Puffer Fish

Fugu, or puffer fish, is literally to die for. A well-known Japanese delicacy for only the bravest of diners, one single drop of puffer poison is lethal. Chefs serving fugu have to undertake training to safely prepare the fish for their guests, so it’s no surprise that it is an extremely expensive way to buy fish…but is it worth it?

Top Shelf Kiwi Fish

Us Kiwis are a little humbler than the likes of caviar and fugu – when it comes to fancy fish, salmon, snapper and tuna will do us just fine. If you want to impress your guests, try our fish delivery boxes like the Kiwi Favourites, the Catch of the Day or the Salmon Pack and use Al Brown’s tips to blow your guests’ taste buds away!

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