4 Reasons Why Freshcatch Fish Deliveries Are For You

1: Eating fish weekly is important for your health.

We all know about 5+ a day for fruit & veges, but did you know about 2+ a week for fish? With 1 in 20 Kiwi’s suffering from heart disease, the NZ Heart Foundation recommends we eat at least two servings of fish per week. Packed with heart-healthy qualities and nutritional benefits. Upping your weekly fish dosage is a big step towards a heart-healthy future!

2: It’s the second-best option next to catching it yourself.

Nothing beats the taste of fresh fish. Your local supermarkets and fish shops may provide value for dollar. But what they don’t mention is that a lot of their fish could have been sitting on ice for days. At Freshcatch we don’t store or waste any fish. All our fish is caught, filleted and delivered on the day it is caught!

3: Freshcatch offers a sustainable way of eating fish.

Our fish boxes are designed in a way that you can order the perfect amount of fish you need that evening. Based on people portion sizing, we want to ensure that you’re getting the optimal amount to eat and avoid any excess wastage . We also encourage you to try our boxes that promote a healthy rotation of species each day. Our thinking: “Why overfish certain species when you can sustainably enjoy them all!”

4: It’s a convenient way to plan your dinner. 

Finish a long day at work knowing that you will return home and find your fresh fillets waiting for you at the doorstep (chilled for up to 8 hours!). Instead of asking yourself that dreaded question “What am I going to have for dinner tonight?”. You can look forward to that one night a week where dinner is already decided for you. All you need to do is heat up the pan and you’re good to go!


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