5 Reasons Why to Try the Kaimoana Kombo

If you haven’t already, you’ve really got to give our Kaimoana Kombo a go. One of our newest fresh fish box options, we’ve teamed up with foodie and awesome local gal, Jess from Jess’ Underground Kitchen to bring you a perfectly delicious combination: fresh fish and healthy salad!

If the photos alone aren’t reason enough (they really should be!), then here are 5 more reasons to get the Kaimoana Kombo of salad and fish delivered to your door.

Get Your 5 a Day

When you buy seafood, you’re getting a lot of nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere, like omega 3’s, iodine and B12. If you pair fish with salad, you’re also well on your way to getting your five a day. Jess’ salads are chocked full of the good stuff, utilising nutrient-packed vegetables in creative and delicious ways. Our fresh fish paired with a fresh salad is so tasty, it doesn’t even feel like healthy eating!

Veggies are Getting Pricy

Autumn has set in and with that comes the ever-increasing price of vegetables. When you get your fish delivery with freshly prepared salads, you’re paying a fixed and fair price, getting both the fresh fish and fresh veggies for a bargain. Rest assured, if you attempted to recreate Jess’ wicked salads with supermarket veggies, you’d end up paying more than you do for your fish and salad delivery.

Flavour Sensations

If you’re suffering from kitchen fatigue, you can buy fish and salad boxes to kick up the flavour notch in your evenings. The inventive salads together with freshly prepared fish will excite your taste buds and take you out of the boring dinner slump.

Fresh Inspiration

An added benefit to the flavourful dinners that you’ll be enjoying is that you’ll likely find yourself full of inspiration. If your fish consumption has been reduced to fish and chips, you’re in for a world of new ideas when you see how exciting Jess’ Underground Kitchen salads can make the humble gurnard or terakihi.

Support Another Awesome Local Kiwi Business

Supporting local business is good for the environment, the community and the economy. We love all the local support that we at Fresh Catch receive with our fresh fish delivery service and we are excited to support another local Kiwi legend who is doing great things in the NZ foodie scene.

Al Reckons

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