How Fresh Fish Deliveries Will Help You Ease into Autumn

How Fresh Fish Will Help You Ease into Autumn

It’s sad to say, but summer is officially over in New Zealand. Although March has started off brilliantly, it is the start of autumn which means shorter days, cooler nights and heartier meals are on the horizon.

While you may have covered over the BBQ and said goodbye to summer salads, there’s one thing that certainly shouldn’t change in autumn: your regular consumption of fresh fish.

There are so many good reasons to continue to buy fresh fish and seafood through autumn and winter – the idea that it is a summer food is a complete myth, and here’s why: 

Vitamin D 

As our sunshine hours decline, we are getting less natural vitamin D. Vitamin D is so important for our bone health, our mental state and our hearts, but it’s found in few foods. Luckily, fresh fish is one of those foods – so keep getting your fresh fish delivered! 

Take away the hard work 

Many of us find our energy levels waning in autumn, as if we’re storing energy to prepare for winter. When you get your fish delivered, we do the hard work and you just have to cook it.

Autumnal flavours 

Autumn brings some unbeatable flavours onto the dinner plate. Buy seafood with Freshcatch’s fish delivery service and it’ll be easy to introduce autumnal flavours to the family. Try a delicious seafood tagine, a creamy pasta with salmon, or an autumnal roast veggie salad with pan-fried snapper. Check out our fish delivery options and look for our tips on celebrating autumn through lovely fish dishes. 

Stay green 

Being environmentally-conscious is not a seasonal trend. Keep up your bit for the planet by carrying on healthy habits that you may have started in summer, like eating less red meat and more fresh fish – and continue to buy fish from companies like Freshcatch, who are committed to sustainable fishing practices.

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