Our People – EastRock


Fishing is more than a business for the team at EastRock by Gisborne Fisheries; founded by the Zame family, it’s been a way of life on the East Coast for over 70 years. Before that, the family fished the Mediterranean for centuries.

Located just of Gisborne, the Hikurangi Trench plunges to depths of 10,000m as close as 80 kilometres from shore, creating cold, nutrient-rich waters that attract the fish the crew at EastRock catch.

These extremely deep waters just off the East Coast make the area from East Cape to Mahia one of New Zealand’s best and most accessible fishing grounds, creating a marine ecosystem that is totally unique to anywhere else in the country.

Al Reckons

A special family-owned team, that has fished the deep cold East Coast waters from East Cape to Portland Island for over 70 years.

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