Fish Meets BBQ This Summer

Fish Meets BBQ This Summer

BBQs are an indisputable Kiwi favourite, especially in summertime. But sometimes the fresh fish lovers and vegetarians feel a little left out as steak and sausages seem to dominate the BBQ realm. This summer, elevate your BBQ game and show your family and friends that fish on the BBQ is unbelievably delicious.

Here’s some tips to get started:

Kebab It

BBQ kebabs are not limited to meat and chicken: fresh fish skewers are a wonderful way to cook for a crowd. When your fish delivery box arrives, try slicing your salmon, snapper or kingfish into large chunks, thread them onto a skewer and give BBQ fish kebabs a go.

Winner Marinades

Just like that lamb rump or chicken skewers, when you buy fish, the secret to a delicious BBQ often lies in the marinade. Hearty fresh fish fillets like salmon stand up to strong marinade flavours, while more delicate fish cutlets often work well with a lighter marinade of citrus peel and juice with fresh herbs. Next time you get fish delivered, experiment and find yourself some winning marinades to take your BBQ to the next level.

Round Out the Meal

When you buy fish for the BBQ, consider what accompaniments will work alongside the star. Fresh salads, grilled veggies, a rice pilaf…let the fish dish shine by complimenting it with excellent side dishes. With the time you’re saving by getting fish delivered, do a quick Google search for delicious and healthy dishes that will go great with your fish.

Mussels and Shellfish

You don’t have to leave eating shellfish to the next time you buy seafood at a fancy restaurant. People often seem daunted by shellfish, but the reality is BBQ mussels and clams are easy and delicious. Join the Freshcatch Shuck Club to get some delicious shellfish delivered to your door and let shellfish steal the BBQ show.


If you don’t know where to start when it comes to BBQing fish, get your hands on our BBQ Box. This fish delivery box comes complete with a mixture of perfect fish loins and cutlets that you can pop straight onto the BBQ – easy peasy! With fresh fish options like yellow-fin tuna, salmon, kingfish and turbot, this is the easiest way to successfully introduce fish to your next BBQ.


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