Hyperoglyphe Antarctica

Seasonality – Year round

Catching Method – Deep drop setline

Raw Preparation – Yes

Cooked With Skin On – Not particularly

Preferred Cooking Methods – Pan roasted, BBQ’d, steamed, baked, poached, crumbed/battered, smoked

Substitute Species – Groper/Hapuka, Bass, Warehou


Bluenose is actually part of the Warehou family. Caught in similar depths as Hapuka and Bass at around 100 to 300 meters, these equally wonderful eating fish can grow up to 25kg in weight. The Bluenose has a very versatile broad flaked flesh, which is firm, very white when cooked and wonderfully sweet.

Like larger flaked fish the Bluenose lends itself to being grilled, pan roasted and due to its large firm flake, it works well in a wet cooking situations, like in a curry and seafood stews.

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