Genypterus Blacodes

Seasonality – Year round

Catching Methods – Long Line, Deep Trawl

Raw Preparation – Other fish preferred

Cooked With The Skin On – It’s possible, but not popular

Preferred Cooking Methods – Crumbed/battered, grilled, baked, steamed

Substitute Species – Blue Cod, Bluenose, Hapuka


Another great value and terrific tasting fish. People are usually put off by this mottled pink eel like fish simply called Ling. As part of the cod family, it is as close as we get to the world famous Atlantic Cod.

The flesh has a large flake, but is relatively soft, which is why this fish is such a ripper when crumbed in panko bread crumbs or getting the beer batter treatment.

It’s quite possibly the best fish burger species there is when cooked either way. It also works well when pan fried, steamed or grilled.

Al Reckons



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