The Rise of the Food Box Industry in Auckland

freshcatch fresh fish delivery

We’ve all been there. You get home at the end of a long day and the thought of cooking a nutritious meal can be exhausting, let alone shopping for it. The good news is there’s an alternative option on the menu for many people in New Zealand – food box delivery of specific meal types tailored to your preferences, right to your door.

Fresh fish delivery is one such food box option that is really taking off. Everyone knows fresh fish is best and this unique kind of online, dock to door delivery service is making it simpler for all of us to enjoy.

Elaine Rush, professor of nutrition at AUT says the growth in the food box delivery industry comes from a combination of people being short of time, but still wanting to eat nutritious dishes. It comes down to convenience. “For people that are working long hours and shift hours, it’s simple – the instructions are very clear and you have delicious food and get to try different things.”

Fresh fish delivery business Freshcatch offers those of us who are time-poor, the perfect solution – a range of sustainably caught fish food box options brought to your door. They even provide easy-to-follow video tips, tricks and recipes from chef Al Brown, available online.

With loads of boxes to choose from like The Kiwi Favourites and The Catch of the Day, there is something for everyone!

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